Friday, February 28, 2020

How to Minister Freedom

With many Christians living under bondage today, no church should be without this crucial guide for ministering lifelong freedom. From generational bondages to issues of rejection, anger, unforgiveness, sexual sins and evil influences in our lives and homes, the need to minister freedom is great. And the costs of not doing so are even greater.

Whether you are a pastor or a counselor or you are seeking freedom for yourself, this book could change your life. A compilation of four essential resources, How to Minister Freedom offers the steps to finding freedom from demonic oppression, emotional wounds, sexual bondages and ties to the occult. Well-known experts in the field of deliverance offer a basic understanding of each issue and the means to minister healing. Also included is an appendix on how to conduct a deliverance session.

Some of the topics covered include
How do demonic forces divert us from God's will?
What steps bring freedom from issues of rejection?
How can we mentor the next generation to be free of sexual bondages?
What role should the local church play in deliverance ministry
The time has come to minister freedom and to take back the joy Christ wants for each of us.

About the Author:

Doris Wagner serves as GHM Executive Vice President. Doris, along with her husband Peter Wagner, served as missionaries in Bolivia for 16 years (1956-1971) where their responsibilities included evangelism, church planting, and teaching in the Bible school and seminary, and mission administration. During that time, Doris served as director over a Bible correspondence school.

She assisted her husband at Fuller Theological Seminary in secretarial and managerial operations from 1964 to 1991 during Peter’s tenure as a Professor of Church Growth in the School of World Mission. It was here that Doris performed duties as the Mission Project Director for the Charles E. Fuller Institute for Evangelism and Church Growth, and research librarian for the School of World Mission.

In 1991, she and Peter founded Global Harvest Ministries. The focus of this ministry was designed to connect prayer networks and facilitate training through conferences, seminars, workshops, publications, and other resources. Doris has served as the Executive Director of the AD2000 United Prayer Track since 1992. Her published works include articles in Christian Life, World Christian, Equipping the Saints, Church Growth, and Body Life. She authored the book "How to Cast Out Demons: A Beginners Guide" (Regal Books). A tape and workbook set entitled "Basic Issues in Deliverance" is also available. How to Minister Freedom (Regal Books)

Doris, who has completed her Doctor of Practical Ministry training with Wagner Leadership Institute and is an ordained minister. She specializes in training up the Body of Christ for the ministry of deliverance. Over the years, she has been a vessel through whom the Lord has set hundreds of people free from various addictio
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