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Safe People

18092 Sky Park South, Ste A, Irvine, 92614, CA, USA
How to find relationships that are good for you and avoid those that aren't.

Countless individuals have invested themselves into people who've shipwrecked their lives in return. They've been abandoned or taken advantage of, and left with little to show for what they've given. They've lost the sense of security and personal value in the process. If you're one who has chosen the wrong people to get involved with or makes the same mistakes about relationships over and over again, then the Safe People book offers you a remedy.

Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend walk you through frank, soul-searching questions into active changes and practical steps for growth.

Safe People gives you solid guidance that will help you:
-Correct things within yourself that jeopardize your relational security
-Learn the twenty traits of 'unsafe' people
-Recognize what makes people trustworthy
-Avoid unhealthy relationships
-Form positive relationships

Safe People, Drs. Cloud and Townsend offer solid guidance for making safe choices in relationships, from friendships to romance. They help identify the nurturing people we all need in our lives, as well as ones we need to learn to avoid.

About the Authors:

Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist with a unique ability to connect with his audiences. Drawing upon his broad range of experiences in private practice, leadership consulting, and media, he simplifies life's issues and gives easy-to-understand, practical advice. It is Dr. Cloud's humor, compassion, and "in the moment" confrontation that make his approach to psychology and spirituality such a success.

Dr. John Townsend is a psychologist, author, speaker, leadership coach and consultant who, for more than two decades, has been helping millions of people grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. He is an engaging and informative speaker using a unique blend of wisdom, humor, care, and spirituality, and offers keen insight on all aspects of relationships--family, marriage, parenting, dating, and emotional growth. Dr. Townsend connects with his audiences in a very personal way.
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