Friday, July 10, 2020

Tomorrow's Promise

tomorrow's promise by mary elizabeth robinson

When Mary Elizabeth lost her mother, father, and brother, her life changed forever.

To those not blessed with a faith-filled heart, the events may seem tragic and unimaginable, but Tomorrow's Promise is a story of struggle turned to triumph. Mary's faith in God revealed to her an amazing power at a pivotal time in her life, offering her comfort in a moment of supreme challenge.

There are times in our lives when God is right in front of us. Most people will never experience His presence or comprehend that life never ends until they face their own death. Mary's story is a powerful testament to faith and its impact on our life, death, and resurrection.

Mary Elizabeth has lived a life filled with unexpected tragedy, but her faith has always remained close to her heart. Her purpose and this divine gift give testament to the world we all have been waiting for after this life, an extraordinary eternal tomorrow, as promised in the Bible.
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