Wednesday, August 12, 2020

My Life in a Box...A Life Organizer

In case of a natural disaster, emergency or home fire, can you leave your home in 5 minutes with everything you need to rebuild your life? If you had an accident, could your family locate all of your legal and financial documents? Does everyone in your home, including your pets have a 3-day survival pack? What about a 7-day shelter-in-place kit?

Few people take time to think about these questions yet most survivors of disasters say, "I wish I had been a little more prepared". My Life in a Box:A Life Organizer can do just that.

Emergency Specialist, Laurie Ecklund Long has found a way for individuals and families to be prepared, get organized and stop procrastinating and be ready to face any type of natural disaster or family emergency.

Books are available at discounted prices for bulk purchase. Workshop materials are also available upon request.
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