Saturday, July 11, 2020

Changes that Heal

Changes That Heal How to understand your past to ensure a healthier future.

Christians are suffering from a whole range of emotional problems: anxiety, loneliness, grief over broken relationships, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy.

Often they have been struggling with those problems for years. They are people in 'Changes That Heal' teaches that there are biblical solutions for your struggles with depression, anxiety, panic, addictions, and guilt, and that these solutions lie in your understanding certain basic developmental tasks. These tasks involve growing up into the 'likeness' of the one who created you.

Dr. Cloud in this book has identified four aspects of the personality of God that, if we would cultivate them, would greatly improve our day-to-day functioning. God is able to do four things that we, his children, have difficulty doing:

-Bond with others.
-Separate from others.
-Sort out issues of good and bad
-Take charge as an adult.

Dr. Cloud goes on to say that because we live in a fallen world, we all have deficits in all four areas. Transforming the effects of the fall and growing in the image of God is not an easy task. But God has promised that the 'good work' he began in us, He will carry 'on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus' (Phil. 1:6).

About the Authors:
Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist with a unique ability to connect with his audiences. Drawing upon his broad range of experiences in private practice, leadership consulting, and media, he simplifies life's issues and gives easy-to-understand, practical advice. It is Dr. Cloud's humor, compassion, and "in the moment" confrontation that make his approach to psychology and spirituality such a success.

Dr. John Townsend is a psychologist, author, speaker, leadership coach and consultant who, for more than two decades, has been helping millions of people grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. He is an engaging and informative speaker using a unique blend of wisdom, humor, care, and spirituality, and offers keen insight on all aspects of relationships--family, marriage, parenting, dating, and emotional growth. Dr. Townsend connects with his audiences in a very personal way.
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