Monday, September 28, 2020

Take My Hand

You Love A Child Whose Heart Is Broken. Your family is fragile, in the midst of grieving the loss of a loved one. Yet there is one particularly vulnerable mourner you must not overlook: your child. Children don't understand death and are confused by their feelings and questions.: What is heaven like? Did I cause my grandma to die? If I talk about it, will it make you too sad? And the ultimate question: Why?

Writing from her personal experience of parenting her preschooler through the grief of losing his baby brother and her years of working with high-risk youth traumatized by grief and loss, Sharon Marshall offers

Answers not only to your child's questions, but to yours, such as: Should I take my child to the viewing? Should my child see my tears? How do I answer my child's questoins when they cause me, or others, pain?

Practical suggestions for dealing with the common effects of grief on children

How to recognize and respond to hidden grief in your child

Biblical insights into the grief process

A reflection from Marshall's now grown son, Jeff Johnson, at the end of each chapter

About the Author:

Sharon knows first-hand what it's like when life events challenge our faith in God and our sense of hope - she's walked that road herself. The faith of her youth has often been tested. Marriage to an alcoholic, divorce, a forced career change, and the death of her second child - it all seemed too much to bear. Years of struggling with doubts and questioning brought Sharon to learn about the real healing power of God, and to a new strength to go on.

Today, Sharon shares that great season of personal growth by encouraging and blessing others with her message of hope restored.

Whatever the issue, Sharon's unique perspective of faith and answers will provide you with a truly interactive audience experience that involves people's heads and their hearts.
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