Tuesday, September 29, 2020

For Those Who Hurt

Who knows the heartache of having a home split apart? What about someone to understand the loss of a child . . . Or the misery of a teenager on drugs . . . Or a failure in school . . . Or the loss of a business? God knows you are hurting and wants to be your Comforter.

About the Author:

Two passions have directed the life and ministry of Chuck Swindoll: an unwavering commitment to the practical communication and application of God's Word and an untiring devotion to seeing lives transformed by God's grace. Chuck has devoted more than four decades to these goals, and he models the contagious joy that springs from enthusiastically following Jesus Christ.

While on the island of Okinawa during his tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps, Chuck recognized that the Lord was calling him to devote his life to the gospel ministry. With Cynthia, his partner in life for more than fifty-one years, Chuck has devoted himself to the challenge of communicating practical, biblical truth and its application in the context of God's grace.
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