Friday, July 10, 2020

Journaling with Jesus

Journaling with Jesus - How to Draw Closer to God

Have you ever struggled with your prayer life? Do you think you need eloquent-sounding words to reach your heavenly Father? Do you ever wonder if God really hears your prayers? Do you ever doubt that God loves you? You are not alone in your thoughts. Even great heroes of the Bible like King David struggled with their prayer lives and their insecurities. Many examples are found in His Word of people who poured out their pain, grief, confusion, anger, bitterness, depression, and sorrow to God. You are not the first to wrestle with your faith, nor will you be the last. Prayer is not complicated. We make it that way. If after hearing an impressively spoken prayer by another you feel inadequate, join the crowd. Not everyone is gifted orally. However, your private prayers are between you and your heavenly Father and have nothing to do with word choice. It is about the heart connection you have with Him and your willingness to be open and honest with your Abba Father. Abba is the Aramaic word for father, used by Jesus and Paul to address God in a manner of personal intimacy.

Do you want to improve your relationship with God? Do you want to connect on a heart level with the One who knows you better than you know yourself? Does the thought of spending time in the presence of your Maker, pouring out your heart to Him, appeal to your weary soul? Let me ask you some more questions. Ponder these. What does prayer mean to you? How are you responding to God? The way you respond to your heavenly Father’s desire to have a relationship with you is the key to your spiritual growth.

Do you desire to grow spiritually? If not, why? Like any relationship worth having, it takes work on both sides. God is willing. Are you?

I have been keeping a prayer journal for over ten years. My mornings begin with my Women of Faith Bible, a devotional, and a journal into which I pour out my heart to the One who knows me better than anyone, my heavenly Father. Through my daily conversations with Him, my journal entries reveal the heart of a woman changed by His grace and love. My life has changed dramatically since I began seeking His presence each morning before my day becomes busy with the distractions of this world.

How do you start a spiritual journal? Journaling with Jesus will not only give you the practical tools you need but will guide you to make your daily journaling a part of your growing relationship with Him. You will be encouraged by other women’s prayer journaling stories and the transformation that has taken place in their lives. Jan Johnson, author of Enjoying the Presence of God says, “If a journal answers just one question, it is ‘What is God doing in my life?’”

It is my hope that Journaling with Jesus will draw you into a closer relationship with your Abba Father. Let your journey begin with Him. You will be surprised when He shows up to meet you each morning.

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