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Should We Fire God? Finding Hope in God when we Don't Understand

We live in a broken world. Because of that, we've all been brought to our knees by tragedies. What do you do when you're struggling with overwhelming circumstances and emotions? How should you respond when your faith is tested and God seems absent or in no hurry to act?

In this book, Jim Pace offers helpful insights on the age-old question of God's role in human pain. Jim shares from his own personal battle in understanding God's faithfulness in the midst of pain, as well as dealing with the issues raised after the tragic shooting at his alma mater, Virginia Tech. Many of his congregation attended there during the shooting.

Jim shows how the Bible answers these kinds of situations. The answers are clear, he says, but they are often not what we expect or desire.

The fact is, no one is immune to pain or insulated from suffering. But God is there to provide real comfort and hope no matter what we face in this life. He uses even tragedy for our growth and his glory, when we give him all the pieces. While God may seem absent, He is never really gone. While He sometimes seems silent, He is always speaking His love for us. While he sometimes fails to do what we think He should, He is always actively engaged in our problems, wanting to draw us closer to Him. In pain, we learn things about God that we will not learn any other way.
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