Saturday, July 11, 2020

Fresh Hope...Cleveland

Sometimes in life it’s a good thing we don’t know what’s ahead. Through a series of events, Nanci Gravill lost everyone and everything in her life. It all started with breast cancer in late 2003. And as she began to recover from this Job-like experience, unable to return to her temporary teaching position, Nanci was forced to live off all of her investments and retirement money. Instead of giving into fear, she called countless community agencies and used her creativity to come up with other ways to stretch the money she had left. She also found healthy ways to deal with her emotions and cope with her circumstances. Above everything else, she put her trust in God.
All the resources found in Fresh Hope … Cleveland helped Nanci make it through five very difficult years. They can help anyone find the answers and hope that they need too. It’s simple. Fresh Hope … Cleveland provides wisdom at a time when it’s needed most.

Waiting for answers and opportunities to arrive is part of life. But how will you wait? How will you cope? Inside the pages of Fresh Hope … Cleveland you’ll find some inventive ways to manage those challenges along with money-saving tips, healthcare services, job and mortgage information, and much more. Find out too, about the most important resource you could ever possess: a relationship with God.

Is Fresh Hope … Cleveland just for Cleveland? No. Every resource in this comprehensive guide and workbook could be found too, in any city’s own backyard. But more than anything, Fresh Hope … Cleveland provides direction, encouragement, and power people everywhere need to not only survive, but thrive.

Whether life is great today or feels overwhelming, still, come explore some “fresh” ideas. Just one new idea could make everything even better than it was before. – Nanci J. Gravill

Fresh Hope … Cleveland full of wisdom and power for your life today!
- A practical Guide to help you save money and feel your best
- Handbook of Resources available right in your own backyard
- Tried and true Strategies from the author’s 5+ years of difficulties
- A Workbook with pages provided so you can record more information
- Learn More about a Relationship with God
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