Friday, May 29, 2020

Safe and Secure: The Alban Guide to Protecting Your Congregation

This indispensable, comprehensive, and practical guide helps identify risks and develop strategies for minimizing a congregation's liability and ensuring the safety and security of its members and visitors. From his unique perspective as a pastor and former detective, Hanna outlines issues, offers solutions to common problems, and helps readers assess their congregation's risks. Topics discussed include: handling money; building maintenance and security; personnel practices; and various types of criminal and civil liability.

Hanna, Founder and President of Ministry Continuity Solutions, is one of the country's most active church risk managers. He has conducted over 100 seminars and has been featured in or written for over 100 media outlets, including nearly every Christian publication. He is currently on the editorial staff of The Church Report and is working with Steward Church Insurance as their Director of Risk Management.

ISBN 1-56699-211-7
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