Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Church Safety and Security by Jeff Hanna

Church Safety and Security Emergency Training: Five Pillars of Ministry Protection with Jeff Hanna is available Via Satellite on CCN

Many churches are simply not prepared to respond to emergencies. As a result, many lives and ministries are affected negatively when the unexpected happens.

Whether internal, local, or national emergencies occur, churches that are prepared to respond quickly and effectively are in a much better - and more faithful - response mode. Ministry thrives, lives are saved, people are helped, and God is glorified.

"This foundational seminar will help the church leaders begin the process by focusing on those issues that could impact their local congregation. Only once they put the plan and personnel in place to address internal emergencies will they be in a position to minister to broader concerns." - Jeff Hanna

This seminar will help your church leadership:

1. Recognize the direct, internal threats to your ministries that could impact the well-being of the people and resources God has entrusted to your care.
2. Gain the understanding and tools necessary to prevent or reduce the possibility of an emergency.
3. Develop the most effective response plan should an event occur.

Prepare your church to serve when the need is greatest...

Faced with the mounting evidence that the Christian Church needs to Be Ready to share the Hope of Christ effectively in any disaster whether at home, at work, in the local church or when national emergencies strike, CEN is providing Emergency SAT TV training for churches nationwide along with its partner Church Communications Network to address this critical need. Christian experts in the field will present training on personal preparedness, church safety and security, chaplaincy deployment, church emergency outreach, and many others.

The CEN Mission to unite the Christian body to pray, care and share Christ through all forms of media, ministries, and churches as well as families will take a giant step given the technology now available through the SAT TV training. CEN and CCN are planning to provide online on-demand training in the future.

A SAT TV training schedule with new and previously aired training will be posted with the dates and times of airing or re-airing. During an emergency the training will be made available as needed. Churches are encouraged to videotape the training series to use again and again. Visit

All power points, supportive resources, and other materials to enhance the training will be made available online through CEN, CCN, or the speakers's website. All terms used in this training are NIMS compliant pursuant to Presidential mandate 2006.
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