Friday, February 28, 2020

Door Dam

DoorDamâ„¢ is from America's most experienced maker of protective doors.

Since 1955, Presray Corporation has become America’s leader in protective door systems. At our facility in upstate New York we build massive flood barriers and watertight doors, plus security and airtight doors as well. Hospitals, nuclear power plants, defense installations, corporate headquarters and a wide variety of large retail outlets rely on our watertight barriers and doors to safeguard their facilities. You’ll find our installations in use throughout flood-plain areas, particularly along the Gulf Coast of the U.S. from Florida to Texas.

Presray invented much of today’s advanced flood barrier technology. DoorDam is another example of Presray innovation, this time adapted for the benefit of homeowners and small businesses. Though smaller than our custom industrial barriers, each DoorDam is designed and manufactured with the same level of experience and attention to detail. Your home and business are your most important possessions. DoorDam is built with that in mind. Protect your property and get back to normal sooner—that’s what DoorDam is all about.
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32 Nelson Hill Road, Wassaic, NY, USA, 12592