Saturday, August 24, 2019

Emergency Dude

Emergency Preparedness Dude is one of the Outdoors Dudes group of information web sites from people experienced in outdoors living, emergency preparation, and first aid sort of stuff. The idea is to make valuable information available in an easy to use, interesting way.

I've been interested in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery since I was a kid. I've lived in mountain wilderness where my family would get snowed in and be without electricity for weeks at a time. I've been through floods, earthquakes, lightning storms, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, and volcano fall-out. As a kid, I didn't realize how well prepared my mom and dad were, but now I can understand why they had so many cans of food in the basement and how much work went into being ready to survive nature.

My family was prepared for each of these disasters and natural events except for the volcano, which was Mount St. Helens in Washingto State - the tons of ash from that one caught us by surprise hundreds of miles away. But our general preparedness was very helpful in dealing with the challenge.
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