Friday, June 05, 2020


We are an experienced team of software engineers, editors, and internet search executives now passionately pursuing ways to make treatment and recovery more accessible to anyone struggling with addiction. Most recently, we worked together in an endeavor that helped businesses and consumers find each other more effectively by enabling businesses to more strategically position themselves on the internet.

In early 2009 we made a discovery. Each one of us has been personally affected by drug and alcohol abuse -- with family members, relatives, and friends who are struggling with the disease of addiction. We began searching the internet for information on addiction recovery, only to find that a majority of the sites out there were either difficult-to-navigate government databases or sales come-ons disguised as information.

So AllTreatment was born. We are fully committed to helping individuals and families find useful, relevant, and trusted information on addiction and addiction recovery. We believe in creating awareness about addiction, encouraging and facilitating action toward recovery, and inspiring healing and growth personally and socially.

AllTreatment is active within the addiction community. We work with universities, specialized non-profits, and mental health practitioners all around the United States.
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