Tuesday, September 29, 2020

All About Life Challenges

We believe the pursuit of truth is the highest calling of humanity. We are a collection of people who have wandered many paths, but all discovered that same truth. We are passionate about sparking authentic life journeys and sharing compelling content with skeptics, seekers, believers, and a hurting world.

We seek to be non-threatening, practical, and informative, using the technology of the Internet to pose tough questions and seek candid answers about God, Creation, Life, Humanity, Thought, History, and Truth.

Many people refer to us as “Christians," but we consider ourselves followers of Jesus. Like Jesus, we reject many of the issues found in “organized religion" (man-made attempts to reach God through rules and rituals). Actually, we believe religion has kept more people from the truth than anything in history.

Although we reject man-made religion, we consider the personal pursuit of God as tantamount in each of our personal life journeys. We also believe that ultimate, saving Truth is found only through God's Son, Jesus Christ.
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