Monday, September 28, 2020

Priests for Life

It's often difficult to know where to turn when you are pregnant and afraid.

Well-meaning friends and acquaintances may recommend abortion as the easiest solution to a difficult situation. Yet we at Priests For Life have received hundreds of calls from women who have made this choice and later regretted it.

A November 1994 Reader Digest article by Mary Cunningham Agee reported that 91% of women surveyed in post-abortion interviews stated that they would have carried their child to term if the support had been there. Items most frequently mentioned were help with medical bills, ability to continue in her career or education, and most importantly, understanding from family, friends, and the father of the child.

Priests for Life wants to do what we can to help connect you with the people and resources which can make the choice for life a practical one, as well as a loving one for you and your baby, regardless of your financial or social situation.
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