Friday, September 25, 2020

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This section of the directory provides CEN downloads of useful information regarding Christian Biblical Readiness and Preparedness.

The Biblical Readiness Standard provides a yardstick for unity in crisis and disaster and helps us understand God’s plan for ReadyChristiansSM. Download and take this assessment today to determine your Biblical Readiness Level. Biblical Readiness r ...

This form can be used to assess the needs for individuals and households following a disaster/incident.

This form can be used to assess the capacity of churches and cities that want to provide volunteers for an incident response.

The attached document contains recommendations by FEMA on the best way to respond following a disaster. While many people want to help, often the best and most efficient way is overlooked. Download the attached pdf for some suggestions and guidelines on D ...

This DHS guide will provide security practices for consideration by religious communities to deter threats, address hazards and risks, as well as minimize the damage from an incident in their religious facilities, including mass casualty events.

This DHS guide provides, in summary form, the threats that face churches and protective measures to protect a facility against threats and mitigate the effects of an attack.

Download and fill out the pdf attachment to assess ways you are ready to respond.

This plan provides a situation report and mitigation plan that came as a result of inter-faith collaboration in response to a community incident.

This download is a description of the CEN Safety & Security Officer Role.

This download is a checklist of planning activities for Safety & Security Officers to use when planning events and other activities at the local ReadyChurch.