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Southeastern University

1000 Longfellow Boulevard, Lakeland, 33804, FL, USA
Southeastern is not a huge research university, but a caring Christian community where we integrate faith and higher learning.

We believe too much of modern education is a slice-and-dice experience that makes students in one major resent taking courses in others. A "university" is not supposed to be a chop-shop collection of trade schools on one campus. That's a "poly-versity." At Southeastern, we are asking hard questions about God and culture. Insightful-thinking believers do not want a life or an education that's a disjointed jigsaw puzzle. At Southeastern we are trying to "put it together" for students who are ready to "get it together."

Want to know how science, history, theology and ethics connect with "real life?" Eager to think - really think - about what it means to be a Christian as a teacher, counselor, pastor, accountant, preacher, or musician? Ready to grapple with questions about God and materialism in America before you tackle a marketing career? Consider Southeastern.
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