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6860 Hagar Shore Road, Coloma, 49038, MI, USA
SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) provides emergency communication support to the Salvation Army wherever needed. And what a mind-boggling range of situations SATERN members have found themselves in tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, fires, aircraft accidents, bombings, earthquakes -- just to name the more expected types of emergencies. SATERN volunteers have also helped quell urban violence, reduce the chaos of a Christmas party for thousands of inner-city kids, feed street people during winter freezes, and direct parking-lot traffic at major events.

SATERN volunteers establish health-and-welfare nets, pass messages between field workers and their respective command posts, string up dipoles and operate from emergency generators. They also have been known to unload trucks of ice, deliver a motorized canteen to earthquake-ravished Kobe, check on the welfare of vulnerable elderly in a mega heat wave, and prepare sandwiches and hot coffee for firefighters battling an extra-alarm blaze in below-zero weather. In short, SATERN is not your ordinary radio club!
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