Monday, July 13, 2020

International Orality Network

How Do You Share The Gospel With People Who Cannot Or Will Not Read?

The ION network offers insight/coaching, training and resources to help you and your church or mission agency to connect and communicate with oral learners.


To influence the Body of Christ to make disciples of all oral learners.

Mission Statement

Seeking to radically influence the way oral preference learners are evangelized and discipled in every people group.

An oral learner or oral communicator is:

1. Someone whose most effective communication and learning format, style, or method is in accordance with oral formats, as contrasted to literate formats.

2. Someone who prefers to learn or process information by oral rather than written means. (These are literate people whose preferred communication style is oral rather than literate, even though they can read.)

3. Someone who cannot read or write (this represents about 5% of the world's population).
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