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2224 W. Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee, 53233, WI, USA
For many years, community and government organizations have been trying to assist communities in breaking from poverty, disease, illiteracy, violence and hunger. However, in many central cities across the country, despite great amounts of financial assistance, little change results.

The emerging view today, as society's beliefs have changed, is one of sustainable development by seeking to integrate spiritual, physical and social aspects into the "change process."

Christian ministry leaders who are reaching out to their communities are often the catalysts for enabling community development activities, as the church is often the uniting factor in a given community. Because the church is the center of community involvement, its leaders are called to act in ways that unite the physical and spiritual.

Brothers and Sisters In Christ Serving (BASICS) in Milwaukee, is a Christian organization which provides "ministry outreach leadership and resources" to prepare indigenous leaders to support sustainable community development by integrating spiritual, social and physical aspects into the change process.
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