Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Tech Mission Safe Families

Safe Families is a program of TechMission, Inc. that was formed to assist parents in protecting their children from pornography and other dangers on the Internet.

As we move into the information age, society is experiencing changes unlike ever before. We believe that it is important for all individuals to take an active role in addressing the social issues of the information age (like the digital divide) as well as the moral issues (like online safety and media sobriety). For those who have not crossed the digital divide, we believe it is a social and moral imperative that they cross the divide, so that they can adequately protect their children online and compete in the information economy. For those who have become information and computer literate, we believe that it is a moral and social imperative that they set an example of media sobriety to protect their children from second-hand smut and dangers online.
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