Wednesday, August 12, 2020

World Concern

We go to the underserved. They live in places off the beaten path - difficult places where many other organizations can't or won't go. And they're suffering.

Caring for AIDS orphans. Rebuilding homes after disasters. Fighting child trafficking. Providing business loans to poor moms. Teaching men sustainable agriculture. Preventing HIV/AIDS. Planting trees. Digging water wells. These are the ways we help them.

The methods for helping are varied as their needs, but the goal is consistent: to relieve their suffering, loving them with Jesus'¢ love.

Together, we're teaching the destitute to hope - some for the first time. And together, we'll stay with them until that hope becomes reality and they step out of poverty. It's all of us working together - you, our staff, volunteers and the poor themselves - believing that God transforms the most desperate circumstances into new life and joy.
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