Thursday, October 01, 2020

The World Prayer Center

The World Prayer Center facility is open for the dedicated purpose of continual prayer, praise and worship for New Life Church, the greater Colorado Springs community, and visitors to our region. The chapel is open to all worshipers; with worship teams and prayer leaders scheduled regularly to focus on a variety of prayer needs. A lively atmosphere of worship can be experienced from the foyer to the courtyard as visitors gather together with overnight guests who have reserved suites or the more modest prayer closets for private time of concentrated prayer and fasting. Additionally, the facility houses a state-of-art-call center where volunteers can pray for people around the world, and we are honored that He has chosen us to serve the body of Christ in this way.

Today, is the site where people from all over the world can have their most urgent needs prayed for by a global community of thousands. This is real-time prayer, and it's happening, right now, at this very moment all over the world. The best news is that God is responding. Praise reports stream in weekly giving thanks to God for His mighty work in people's lives in response to thousands of prayers.
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