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Strategic World Impact

P.O. Box 3037, Bartlesville, 74006, OK, USA
Strategic World Impact is a Christ-centered, faith-based, mission organization.

Our Vision is to:

Work in areas where the body of Christ is persecuted, the Gospel restricted, and areas where, due to hostile situations, the people face eternity each day.

Always seek to operate in areas where other groups have pulled out or aid has not yet been delivered.

Use DART (Disaster Assistance Response Teams) teams trained to make field evaluations and assessments to properly ascertain the needs of people and churches in targeted areas.

Attempt to alleviate human suffering through a strategic response that will include food, clothing, medicine, and/or shelter.

Use strategic response as a key to unlock the door of closed, restricted, and war-torn nations.

Assist in evangelizing a country during crisis situations.

Provide the Church with materials for Christian education and evangelism.

Partner with churches and parachurch organizations to assist with logistics, operations, and vision casting.

It is our prayer to be used by the Lord to encourage the body of Christ to further rise to the call of world evangelism, particularly in forsaken areas.

Like David facing down Goliath, we choose to "run to the battle" rather than flee from it. "David left his things with the keeper of supplies, ran to the battle lines and greeted his brothers." 1 SAMUEL 17:22 .

SWI has ongoing operations in Eritrea/NE Sudan, Pakistan/Afghanistan, and Thailand/Burma. We are committed to an evangelical response in these areas pertaining to relief, medical aid, community health, and physical needs, but our primary goal is to minister to the spiritual needs of people by planting churches where none exist.
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