Thursday, October 01, 2020

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift is a non-profit organization committed to Christian discipleship and poverty reduction in the developing world. By working alongside established churches and ministries in urban areas, we train leaders to teach both business skills and principles of Jesus to the entrepreneurial poor.

After the entrepreneurial poor complete the basic business and entrepreneurship course, they are eligible to apply for a small loan to expand their existing enterprise. As each loan is repaid, it is recycled and given to another entrepreneur, giving multiple families the chance to get improve their lives and their businesses, and simultaneously they are introduced to Biblical truth and are connected to a community of faith where they learn what it means to follow Jesus wholeheartedly.

Ultimately, the goal of Paradigm Shift is to see the local church strategically serve the poor and for the poor to come to know Christ while being given the skills and opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

We are currently piloting Paradigm Shift's first program in South Africa.
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