Monday, July 06, 2020

Leadership Foundations

Leadership Foundations (LF) is an international network of local faith-based organizations called leadership foundations.

Each leadership foundation brings together local faith and community leaders, churches, social service groups, and other organizations to tackle the most difficult problems facing the poor. We work in our city as a team - each leader and group bringing its resources.

Successes are shared with leaders and cities in LF's network.
People of faith are at the heart of each leadership foundation's work. As followers of Jesus Christ we have particular concern for the welfare of people who are poor or vulnerable. We also believe that a city's faith community has tremendous untapped resources that can help transform a city, if linked with the resources of neighborhoods, business, government, nonprofit groups, and others who want to help.

Leadership Foundations of America was established in 1993 to help strengthen and expand leadership foundations' work. LF helps leadership foundations:

Get started.

Get better at their work and extend their impact.

Replicate successful programs across the cities in our network.

Tell the story of what can occur in cities across the world.

Today, more than 30 cities have active foundations tackling difficult local problems with the help of 2,500 partners and 10,000 volunteers. Our work directly improves the lives of 200,000 people each year, and our partner network reaches over two million people. About 40 additional cities in the U.S., Africa and Asia are forming new leadership foundations.
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