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Global Mission Air

214 Bel Air Drive, Yakima, 98908, WA, USA
(509) 966-7398
(509) 966-2519
Global MissionAir is an interdenominational non profit, faith-based, relief and humanitarian organization designed to transport, by aircraft, supplies such as, water, food clothing, medical teams, hospitals and mission teams for distribution to a hurting world. It is a way to move needed items and people to where the need is, at no cost to the recipient.

With a prospective fleet of aircraft from the size of 747s down to smaller aircraft that can go anywhere in the world, GMA's vision is to provide service for Christian organizations and groups that reach out to all people and cultures by delivering physical and spiritual help.

The name Global MissionAir is defined as "a representation of Earth or Heaven, to propagate faith and carry on humanitarian work, with travel or transportation by aircraft". With this definition well defined, GMA is fulfilling it's goal by, "Flying on wings of love".
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