Saturday, February 22, 2020

Global Fast

We impact humanity's most urgent needs through fasting and charity. Every person deserves water, freedom and opportunity. Join us to save lives each week.
What if you could fast just one meal a week, and literally save a life?

Your budget doesn't change, but your lifestyle does. It's about sacrificial living - being so committed to others that we make a sacrifice of ourselves.

Our vision is to give water, freedom, and opportunity to humanity through fasting and charity. During our lifetimes, we will put the global water crisis and human trafficking into the history books instead of the headlines.

We will build a global coalition of compassion and action - taking on the most urgent needs of those in need with innovative & sustainable solutions.

Global Fast was inspired by the call to create change through fasting in Isaiah 58. We know that poverty exists in every society, just in different forms. Our call is to serve humanity - fighting both spiritual and material poverty.
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