Friday, February 28, 2020

Beyond Borders

Our world is divided by many borders--political, economic, cultural, racial, to name only a few. These borders often prevent us from loving our neighbors on the other side of the divide.

Jesus in his earthly ministry repeatedly crossed the lines and borders society had erected. He shows compassion to a despised Samaritan woman and dines with Zacheus, a hated tax collector and representative of Roman domination. Everywhere Jesus went, he crossed the margins of respectability and tolerance of his society. Poor people, prostitutes, heretics, diseased and unclean people--he loved them all and saw in them the image of God.

Beyond Borders seeks to follow this Jesus by building bridges of sharing and understanding across the great divisions of our day. We do this to foster justice and peace and because we believe that the unique image of God in humanity is best seen in the mosaic of our diversity.

Our mission is to work for justice and peace out of devotion to Christ by fostering sharing and understanding across cultural and economic borders. We do this to make real the reconciliation and liberation that Christ proclaimed for our world.

Beyond Borders focuses on the division created by the growing economic disparity in our world.
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