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Compassion Coalition

107 Westfield Drive, Knoxville, 37919, TN, USA
The Compassion Coalition's basic premise is that Christians are called to be "Salt and Light" (Matthew 5:13-16) in the communities in which we live. Those of us who love Jesus must enter into direct "hands on" contact with suffering and injustice in our community. Why? Because Jesus commanded it (Luke 10:37), modeled it (Matthew 8:3), and says that it characterizes those who would live with Him forever (Matthew 25:34-46). The best proof of Christ's presence in our lives is the costly love flowing out of us (Galatians 5:14).

When people who love Jesus come face to face with suffering and injustice, God Himself comes face to face with the same. Not that we bring Him there, for He is there already. But we bring Him there in the sense that He becomes tangible and touchable. He has "our skin" on.

Our dream is to see several hundred churches striving together to be "God with skin on" to people struggling to find hope in our community. If enough of us walk together, Christ's Kingdom will become as real in Knoxville as the air we breathe.
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