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Apr 02
Jon McHatton

Don't be a blooming idiot...bloom where you are planted Part 3

Posted by: Jon McHatton

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"Let them grow together..."  These words of Jesus in the parable of the “Wheat and Weeds” contain principles that, if followed, will bring unity in the church and transformation in our communities.  


Definitions from Websters:

              Let - "to cause to"

             Them - "the object of a verb"

             Grow - "to spring up and develop to maturity"

        Together - "in one place"

This gives us instruction that we are to give both wheat and weeds a cause to spring up and develop to maturity in one place.  This sure does not speak to me of division and separation.

Question:  Has the division in the church helped to create its separation from the community and society? 

The Wheat must spring up and develop to maturity in one place, yes, in one place among the Weeds. So, first we must focus on the unity of the Wheat.  Then we can serve among the Weeds, "together, yet separate!" 

Could it be that the Wheat must be together before the Weeds will see that there is a difference?  Have you ever spoken to someone who has not had an encounter with Jesus?  I have lost count of the times I have heard the statement "the church is full of hypocrites...they talk about love and fight each other!" 

Maybe if we bloom where we are planted, together as Wheat, we will have a chance to show the Weeds what a difference Jesus makes in lives.  Then we cause Wheat to grow to maturity while giving Weeds the opportunity to make the choice.  We must restore back to the Weeds the freedom to be weeds by seeing that there is Wheat growing beside them.

Until next time...bloom where you are planted!

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