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Apr 26
Steve Marr

Church Ushers- A First Line of Defense for Church Safety

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Every Sunday church ushers serve millions in hundreds of thousands of churches around the country.  Ushers help in seating folks, guiding people to the restrooms and answering visitor’s questions. Ushers are also a key part of maintaining church security and church safety, if given a little training.


 Ushers usually hang around the back of the church and are able to watch for any signs of problems like someone fainting, or worse a heart attack.

Knowing those with a medical backgrounds is important, doctors, nurses, EMS technicians or other with some emergency medical experience.  Know who has taken and passed a CPR class.  An usher can then immediately know whom to locate to get help. Ushers should also know where the first aid kit is stored.

Ushers are often the first to spot a potential problem person. Unknown persons wondering around should be meet and steered to the correct location.  For example when someone is standing around the children’s nursery, with no apparent reason, one or two need to come up and ask them to either join the service in the sanctuary or depart the premises.

In addition, a wise church would identify any members with law enforcement experience.  They can be taped to help with any troublesome person, they have the experience and background. Some off duty police are armed at all times and provide additional back up if ever needed.

Ushers should know the location of the fire extinguishers . Also, ushers would assist in the orderly evacuation of buildings in the event of fire. They can guide and assist those with disabilities to clear a building.

Hopefully, ushers can stay focused on the ministry part of the job, but they also can serve as the first line of defense in situations and provide church safety.  Learn more by checking out the Ready Church Training here:




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One other issue where ushers may be of great assistance -- one of the highest rates of credit/identity theft is during communion. Women typically leave their purses in their seats and unfortunately there are 'shoppers' who use that time to gather information; ushers can be on the lookout for suspicious behavior. Wish it wasn't so.....
by Pat on Fri, 01 Jun 2012 - 06:07