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Nov 08
Mary Marr

Christian Response to Violent Flash Mobs

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With growing concern over potential outbreaks of spontaneous flash mob violence in cities across the U.S. one Christian denomination has taken a proactive and biblical readiness response.

The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Assemblies of God national Chaplaincy Department team will host a simulated flash mob to help chaplaincy students and those preparing to be emergency services chaplains to experience the demands of a violent flash mob before it happens. The realistic event includes: Local law enforcement, ambulance/paramedic and mortuary services and experienced chaplain responders. Already the event has drawn the interest of corporations, including Walmart. Organizers say the event simulation is successful in helping students understand what takes place in midst of crisis in order to be better prepared and to respond biblically.

Sometimes we think there is nothing we can do in situations like this. Personal safety and survival is paramount. However, for the Christian, in many instances we are able to help and we need to know how to do this effectively. Even without training, we may help law enforcement by providing timely accurate and actionable information of escalating situations. With chaplaincy ministry training we learn skills for dealing effectively with these types of incidents before we interject ourselves into potentially life threatening incidents.

Whether you find yourself in spontaneous disruptions or any other type of emergencies Christians are best able to fulfill their calling when they are ready to give an answer for the Hope of Christ spiritually, emotionally, mentally as well as physically. Christians, with hope, joy and peace are able to bring calm and a mitigating approach to these types of incidents. Would you know how to be a part of the solution rather than add to the problem of any emergency situation?

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