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US forecasters expect Tropical Storm Isaac to hit Haiti and Cuba, the National Hurricane Center projected that Isaac would become a hurricane on Thursday and make landfall Saturday near the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay in southern Cuba. FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate issued a statement for families to take this seriously and prepare families, homes and businesses according to AP News report. 

Isaac is potentially a very dangerous storm for Haiti, where 400,000 people still live outside underneath tarps in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. Heavy rains from Isaac will begin on Friday morning in Haiti, and last through Sunday. Rainfall amounts of 8 - 12 inches are possible, which will be capable of causing extreme flooding on the vegetation-denuded slopes of Haiti. It will be a major challenge to keep those Haitians living outside safe, if rainfall amounts of 5 - 10 inches occur.

CEN calls on those in the path of the Tropical Storm Isaac to review their ReadyChristian emergency plans with family and friends to prepare for the potential landfall later this week. CEN calls upon churches who have completed their ReadyChurch training to insure they have notified CEN of their availability in the area to respond. Contact CEN with your ReadyChurch updates. And, for Christian networks in cities all across Florida, if you have not completed the ReadyCity assessment and notified CEN of your readiness to respond, we would ask that you contact CEN immediately.

Prayer response:

1.     Pray that wind shear would develop to weaken the storm, and dry air moved to the north would be sucked in by Isaac to weaken the storm.

2.     Praise that despite earlier predictions, the storm has not yet intensified  

3.    First responders would be ready and given wisdom and strength for potential response.

4.     Christians who are in harm’s way would review their ReadyChristian personal plans and update their supplies all while putting on the armor of God to share the Gospel with others in word and deed. Churches who are not in the directly affected area would reach out to other churches to update their ReadyChurch community-wide plans. City groups to assess their own capacity for readiness by taking the CEN ReadyCity Assessment survey and begin to connect with each other in advance.

Care response:

1.     Take the time to thank a first responder for putting their lives on the line each day to protect you, your family and church.

2.     Call a family member or friend in the affected area and let them know you are praying for them.

3.     Send a grab and go kit to a family member as a gift saying you care about their preparedness.

Share response:

1.     Invite a family member or friend who does not yet have a personal relationship with Christ to begin ReadyChristian along with your family.

2.     Send CEN’s Together We Will Stand CD to someone who has been affected by crisis recently.

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by King Neece on Sun, 26 Aug 2012 - 15:54
If this does not give pause and deep thought to those who read this, something is wrong in your DNA. Every pastor and citizen should want to be not only ready themselves, but able to provide comfort to others before, during, and after a disaster hits. My prayer is that everyone heeds your timely message and obeys the will of God to love one another.
by Cherryl Bundy on Sat, 25 Aug 2012 - 15:53