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Clip from a posted viral video showing the confrontaion at the Arab Festiva

DEARBORN, MI (ANS) -- An annual Arab Festival held last month over the Father’s Day Weekend (June 15–18, 2012), in Dearborn, Michigan, resulted in a verbal and physical confrontation between adult protestors who identified themselves as Christians and teenage protestors who identified themselves as Muslims.




The increase in conflicting reports and social media as well as controversy surrounding this incident, prompted Phoenix-based CEN President Mary Marr, a member of the Department of Homeland Security Faith-based Security and Communications Committee, to ask DHS to convene a meeting of the Faith-Based Advisory Committee, a group of national faith leaders and Dearborn Police Chief Haddad with the goal of reducing the tensions within the faith communities related to the Arab Festival incident.




Dearborn Police Chief Haddad

Dearborn Chief Ronald Haddad told the Faith-based Security and Communications Committee appropriate measures were taken.

He said, “We want to be a welcoming place in Dearborn. There is a lot of latitude given people in even spontaneous expressions within our community. Seven individuals were cited during the Arab Festival for disruptions during the large cultural event held annually in Southeast Michigan. My main focus is upon public safety not the offender of the First Amendment. We welcome dialog with members of the faith community.”




CEN’s Mary Marr asked the DHS Faith-based committee: “What can be done in Dearborn among faith leaders to reduce the inflammatory climate and foster understanding and peace?”


Mary Marr


Marr then told ASSIST News Service: “The Bible says that everyone’s case seems right until someone comes to examine it. Regardless of what the police, the faith community did or did not do in this case, as Christians we need to seek a peaceful solution to this conflict by asking national and local faith leaders in Dearborn to come together to: hear firsthand from Chief Haddad and the Mayor of Dearborn MI; assist in mitigating local faith-based conflicts ongoing; sign a religious freedom of rights or code of ethics; decry any form of violence on the part of any group sending a counter message to “flamers”. Today, national faith leaders joined CEN in calling upon law enforcement and faith leaders in Dearborn to seek a peaceful solution.”


She said that CEN calls upon the Christian community to:
* Pray for Christian peacemakers to have wisdom and strength to be salt and light in Dearborn and globally.
* Refrain from judging who may be right or wrong or even the sincerity of any person’s religious convictions involved in this incident.
* Demonstrate the love of Christ with your neighbor of another faith by letting them know you reject any behavior that results in taunting, disrespect, or violent assaults toward any or by any religious group or person who may express a different religious view.
* Hold accountable anyone who distorts the biblical admonition of loving your neighbor
* Hold authorities to enforce and protect freedom of speech and religion equitably based upon the U.S. Constitution, in every local community, regardless of religious, racial or economic composition.
* Publicly speak out in rejecting any form of violence as a rationale for differing religious expression as insults by anyone, while disrespectful and hurtful, do not justify a violent response.




Another clip from the video which shows a Christian talking with a Dearborn police officer

Marr added, “On this July 4th holiday let us remember, as in the Dearborn, MI, incident and others, with freedom comes responsibility and respect for one another. It is the responsibility of everyone because without it we have anarchy. ‘Blessed be the peacemakers, for they will inherit the earth.’”

For the full DHS Faith-based Security and Communications report, go to: Once you are on the page, scroll down to “Recommendations to the Secretary” and then download the PDF file called Faith-based Security and Communications Advisory Committee Final Report, May 2012.


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