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Despite increasing media reports escalating the Family Research Council incident today in Washington, DC, CEN’s Security Officer issued an incident report from first-hand accounts by Christians within the FRC building. The account indicates a shooter came into the lobby, where extensive security protocols were in place, and shot a guard. The FBI is conducting an investigation, part of which includes bomb sniffing dogs and the ATF entering the building. The shooter is in custody and the situation is under control, however the media is not.

CEN has been in close communication with the Department of Homeland Security and requested DHS make a formal statement calling upon media to cease and desist from politically exploitive rhetoric currently escalating a security incident now being managed by local and federal law enforcement.

“Inflammatory rhetoric in the media encourages “copy cat” inflammatory reactions, says CEN President and Founder, Mary Marr who serves on the DHS Faith-based Security and Communications Committee at the request of Secretary Napolitano. In an exclusive ASSIST News interview Marr says: “There seems to be a trend in recent weeks where active shooters appear to be targeting faith based organizations as we have witnessed incidents in Dearborn, MI, Joplin, MO, and recently in Milwaukee, WI. In addition to these incidents 5-10 Christian churches in the U.S. are burned each month according to a representative on the committee. Christian leaders and churches need to have their emergency operations plans in place, report suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement, and provide information to CEN to monitor the nationwide situation on risks to the Christian community. This information sharing will help the broader Christian community to be aware, ready and able to share the Gospel freely in these increasing uncertain times.”

Marr says: “Any attack on a house of worship is an attack on all houses of worship. CEN does not condone any violence. As Christians, the Scripture clearly reminds us we need to be ready to give an answer for the Hope within us responding to emergencies large and small.”

The Family Research Council who works with the National Institute on Marriage has cited “hate group” labeling has been a problem. “Depicting ongoing investigations as “domestic terror” for example by media, says Marr, when it is the responsibility of law enforcement is irresponsible reporting at best; it is inciting to further violence which should not be condoned. And, labeling any security situation according to one’s own political bias has the same affect it is meant to incite not to report.”

CEN will be monitoring this situation today and consulting with other faith-based leaders who serve alongside Marr on the DHS Faith-based Security and Communications Committee. CEN will be conducting an Incident briefing conference call for members of the CEN’s Threat Information Service later today.

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CEN Security Officer information: CEN urges Christian leaders have their security officer closely monitor the situation, receive CEN Threat Information updates for timely actionable information, and report suspicious activity. If you desire to be anonymous with any information for local or federal law enforcement please feel free to contact CEN and we will assist with your report. For help in training an incident command in your church or citywide group including the security officer download the ReadyChurch and ReadyCity training.

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4. All Christian churches and organizations to review their Emergency Operations Plans in preparation for potential copycat incidents, if you do not have one in place, visit ReadyChurch or ReadyCity to develop your plans.

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