Saturday, August 08, 2020


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 At this time of the year, when all the Christmas lights and activities press in all around us, it is tempting to lose sight of the most important event of all – the coming of the Savior of the world!  “For unto us a child was given, unto us a Savior was born.”

He came in the form of a baby with all the dependencies of any newborn child. Jesus needed his mother to nurse Him, his father to protect Him, and his new friends to adore and love Him. While Jesus was Our Savior and sovereign Lord from before time began, Jesus was dependent upon us when he came to earth as an infant!

And, as omnipotent and omnipresent as Jesus is, the same is true today, Jesus still needs you and I. He is just as dependent upon us to share His Good News today with seekers, as He was thousands of years ago. Truly wise men still seek Him. Committed followers of Jesus know their role, as ambassador for the God of the universe is their most important task at hand.

Before Jesus taught us to follow Him, He taught us to love Him by caring for what He needed and wanted. Humanly, we often seek our own desires to be fulfilled before others. And yet, with the birth of Jesus the very first thing He taught us was to care for Him first. It is out of this abundance of love and care for Jesus that our hearts are molded into vessels capable of spilling out His love to others. Jesus comes first, others second, and then yourself. That is where JOY comes from, right?

As we celebrate His birth again this Christmas season, how are you going to care for this baby born in a manager as His ambassador? How will you depend upon Jesus to help you let His love spill over to others?

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