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Aug 28
Steve Marr

Building Personal Resilience

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We all will face a difficult day, an emergency, large or small will strike our world. The only question is what type of disaster, and when? The key to getting through with as little pain as possible is to be prepared in advance.

The prophet Isaiah wrote:

"You felt secure in your wickedness. 'No one sees me,' you said. But your 'wisdom' and 'knowledge' have led you astray, and you said, 'I am the only one, and there is no other.' So disaster will overtake you, and you won't be able to charm it away. Calamity will fall upon you, and you won't be able to buy your way out. A catastrophe will strike you suddenly, one for which you are not prepared.” (Isaiah 47:11 NLT)

The issue is humans tend to think everything will continue to go on and in with out negative consequences. If we don’t get burned today, we think maybe we never will get burned. Tiger Woods was on top of the world, but one night after crashing his car events started unraveling that caused his marriage to break down, and his career to take a major hit. Sponsors quickly departed in the wake of his scandal.

Ted Haggard seemed on top to many, but one event demonstrated disobedience in his life, and everything fell apart. Are we any different?

Isaiah points out people will feel secure in sin, which others will not see. We can often get away with sin, for a while in our own minds. However, all sin will destroy, unless we confess to the Lord, and then turn from that sin. The Lord knows every sin anyway.

Ted Haggard and Tiger Wood likely would have been sparred the worst consequences if they had repented and changed direction earlier. David, when confronted said, “Then David confessed to Nathan, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samuel 12:13 NLT) My belief is if David had not turned at that moment, the disasters that followed would have been far worse.

We, and many of our leaders seem to believe we can just talk disaster away, like a charmer charms a snake.  No, preparation, and righteousness will help get us through, idle talk will not. Money will not get us through. Pride and bravado will not work. Only the Lord will get us through.

As Isaiah writes, the disaster that comes is not the one we expect. If we knew with 100% certainty, we would get out of harms way, and be well prepared. In reality, we don’t know the future. The future disaster will likely come in a form, or time we did not expect.  The only way we can be prepared is with the prompting of the Holy Spirit. As we ask for His wisdom, His grace, I believe we will be shown what to do, by when. 

CEN application:

  1. Do we feel overly secure in any part of our life?
  2. What is the Holy Sprit telling you now?
  3. What different steps will you take as a result?

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