Tuesday, August 04, 2020



Businesses that cater to vacationers are always at risk for weather. Nobody wants to sit on a Florida beach wearing a poncho, nor do Colorado mountain vacationers want to choke on wildfire smoke. The current outbreak of fire and flood threatened to shatter this year tourist business.

Richard Williams, left, rescues his neighbors, Marty Hieftje, left, Hieftje's 16-year-old daughter Katelyn Hieftje and the Hieftje's dog Delilah after they became stranded Tuesday, June 26, 2012, in Elfers, Fla, at their home on Elfers Parkway, at right, where the Anclote river left its banks flooding dozens of homes, a result of tropical Storm Debby.  (AP Photo/Tampa Bay Times, Douglas R. Clifford) Photo: Douglas R. Clifford, Associated Press / SF

Above: Not the water sports most seek on a Florida vacation

Wildfires are raging throughout Colorado causing severe damage. Flooding after fires are often part of a devastating one two punch. Homeowners need to start understanding the new flooding risks, and take steps now to protect property.


While Traveling in Colorado, I experienced a cell phone outage over several days. The Version switching equipment in Aurora Colorado failed. The result was shutting down most Version cell phone service in the state for 24 hours, and delivering sporadic service for another three days.

One lesson learned is all technical equipment can fail. If we allow ourselves to become overly dependent, we get into trouble.

 In the “old” days, we had phone booths to make calls, now these are few and far between.  As times change, we need to adapt our back up plans. For me, I bought a cheep prepaid back up cell on another network.