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Jan 11
Steve Wyatt

We Are S.A.F.E.R.

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Shots rang out behind a local watering hole in idyllic Anthem, Arizona shortly after 4am Sunday— shortly after we had rang a new year in.  We Anthemites had eagerly closed the book on 2011, hoping 2012 would write a far more hopeful story.  But the echoing rifle fire has left us doubting our infant optimism.

Two are dead. One a galactic-gazing, end-of-the-world theorist— the other, a veteran cop. He was our neighbor, our protector, and a servant of the people.

As I drove past the crime scene in the darkness of early Sunday, I was surrounded by about three-dozen emergency vehicles.  That sober sight gripped me with two competing sensations:  1] Fear, because something terrible had just happened, and 2] Relief, because an army of warriors were already standing guard to ensure that we who remained would suffer no additional harm.

Feb 05
Steve Wyatt

Maybe you need a good, old-fashioned crisis!

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"You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water."

Believers who have expressed such sentiments and who have experienced the agonizing, almost lustful angst of eagerly longing after God - you know: There is no joy quite like the joy you feel whenever you drink from God's well.
Augustine maintained that connecting with God is "sweeter than all pleasure."
Spurgeon called it, "my greatest delight."
And remember how Luther put it?  "I wish to devote my you."
"Except when you don't...because sometimes you won't."
Like it or not, Seuss nailed it when he wrote: "Bang-ups and hang-ups can happen to you."  
And seasons will also happen when, whether you want it to be this way or not, you lack what the Apostle Paul said you should never lack.   
Remember how he urged us to "keep [our] spiritual fervor"? 2  
But the question  How do you keep your edge - spiritually speaking?  How do you stir up that holy discontent that keeps driving you to thirst after God?
You may wish you hadn't asked.
By far, the best way I know to re-ignite your spiritual passion is to have the bottom drop completely out of your life.
It's true:  There is nothing quite like a good financial downturn or a relational crisis or a well-timed visit to ICU to shake you out of your spiritual doldrums and kick-start you into a renewed {maybe completely reinvigorating} pursuit for God!
And that's why I don't worry about people who are currently going through some crisis.  I pray for them and try to do whatever I can to help sustain them.  But I DON'T worry about them.  

But when life is going WELL?  That's when I worry.  'Cause that's when our spiritual passions tend to wane.  When life is good, we lock our spiritual passions in cruise control.  We stick our pudgy thumbs under our suspenders and strut.   
But when life turns sour?  We hit our knees our again, we reach for the good Book again and we find ourselves in a passionate pursuit for God...again.
So...if you've been wishing your old-heart-for-God was still ticking like it used to?  Maybe that's what needs to happen.  Maybe you need a good, old-fashioned crisis!
That said, and since I highly doubt that you will choose that path as your way back, I offer for your review the following suggestions.  None of which are nearly as effective as some major life-interrupting crisis, but they certainly are less painful.