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Forgiveness is the decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge.

Do you find it easy to ask God for forgiveness, but difficult to grant forgiveness to others?

In the Lord’s Prayer, God teaches us to ask for forgiveness of our debts (balance due) and to forgive those that are our debtors (balance owed). God’s Word commands us to forgive those that wrong us.  If we disobey this directive, it has serious emotional, physical and spiritual results for our lives. 

Feb 18
Shirley Goodman

How do I handle my guilt?

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As you consider guilt, remember King David in the Old Testament.   David's sins included adultery, lying, and murder. God forgave him for these sins because David had a truly repentant heart. God forgives any sinner with a truly repentant heart. Isaiah says," Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow (1:8)."

Many Christians struggle with false guilt. The best way to overcome false guilt is to understand it for what it really is. The more you grow to understand the grace of God, the more you will see that Christ followers have no right to condemn themselves. When you condemn yourself, you are trying to do God's job.

 Here are three practical steps to handling guilt as recommended by Minirth Meier New Life Family Resource.

Guilt immobilizes and defeats many people. It paralyzes others with toxic messages of unworthiness and blame. In addition, guilt pressures and drives other people to overcompensate or overachieve. All of these reactions are a futile effort to prove that their 'guilt message’ tapes--which play and replay in their minds--are not true.

Guilt is something that affects each person differently. For most people the 'guilt message’ tapes take root when we are young children.

Why do many Christians have so much trouble with guilt?

Mar 20
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Some people handle decision-making in their stride, embracing the risk and uncertainty.  They are willing to take a gamble, and expect the consequences of their choice and move on. Others waver at the near paralyzing prospect of having to make a decision.

  The wisdom of God's Word tells us, if you intend to build a structure, you should first sit down, count the cost and determine whether you have sufficient resources to finish it (Luke 14:24). It would benefit all of us to use God's wisdom in making our decisions.

We live in a world of information overload. Yet many people havent learned how to make simple informed choices. How do you make a good decision?
Here is a simple decision-making process in an acrostic. 

D ---Define the issue

Mar 11
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How Do I Begin to Set Boundaries?

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Only you can determine and set boundaries in your relationships.  Limits and boundaries are uniquely individual and personal, they can be flexible, and permeable Sometimes adjustments are made to personal boundaries on a moment-to-moment basis. Some boundaries may remain intact for years.

If a person needs a starting point for setting limits or boundaries with others, here are a few suggestions to try.

Over a century ago, these words were penned by Andrew Murray and are pertinent today as end times hasten.  As Christians suffer reversals and loss, our only c0mfort is fellowship with our Lord.