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Storm CloudIn the past few weeks we have seen multiple disasters across the nation. We had fires in the West, flooding in the South, and mass power outages coupled with record heat in the East. Each of these events caused death.

I personally lived through the Derecho in the east that caused the power outages. I was fortunate to not have experienced a power outage, but everyone experienced the Derecho (a fast moving storm).  One of the common statements I heard by my friends in the days that followed was, “I had no idea a storm was even coming!” Now, I will admit I am a bit of an extreme weather junky. I blame my job in emergency preparedness and my degree in emergency management! But even before the past few years when I gained more insight into this field, I was the kid who thought it would be “cool” to live through every known natural disaster so long as I knew I would survive…but I digress.

“I had no idea a storm was even coming!”

Gods LovePsalm 37:3-6

“Trust the Lord and do good. Live in the land and feed on truth. Enjoy serving the Lord, and he will give you what you want. Depend on the Lord; trust him, and he will take care of you. Then your goodness will shine like the sun, and your fairness like the noonday sun.”

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Jun 28
Misti McHatton

CO Fires on the Hearts and Minds of Many

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With the fires raging in Colorado and other Western US States this week, many people's hearts and minds are heavy with the effect on the thousands of people who have had to evacuate their homes and the many others who are still waiting for potential evacuation notices. One thing we are all waiting for is the fires to cease, the damage assessments to be done, the recovery completed and life to return to "normal" as best as it can. 

The process of disaster response and recovery is lengthy. It affects all parts of the human psyche: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Part of the ReadyChristian training is to learn how to address and be prepared to help others adjust to the trials faced in each of these areas as they encounter disaster and crises in their lives. We encourage you to take a few moments, download the free ReadyChristian Training and read at least the introduction to capture the heart of the ReadyChristian. We then encourage and challenge you to continue the preparedness process so that you can stand in support of those around you!

For more updates on the Colorado Fires and how Christians are standing strong with others, sign up for the Wildfires June/July 2012 Response Group and check out the article by Assist News that we posted.

Jun 01
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Today Marks Beginning of Hurricane Season

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Today marks the first day of hurricane season. This season, beginning on June 1st, lasts for six months. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) states that “Conditions in the atmosphere and the ocean favor a near-normal hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin this season.” The season generally peaks in August, and NOAA plans to release an updated seasonal outlook just prior to this part of the season. 

May 31
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It's All in the Training

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“I cannot know why suddenly the storm
Should rage so fiercely round me in its wrath;
But this I know – God watches all my path,
                And I can trust.

I may not draw aside the unseen veil
That hides the unknown future from my sight,
Nor know if for me waits the dark or light
                But I can trust.

God Refreshes

Through daily life, we need to be refreshed. Refreshment can come in many different ways. This morning I felt refreshed by a cool breeze after a quick run. This weekend, I felt refreshed by setting aside time to seek and hear from God.

What are some ways that you have felt refreshed lately?