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Greetings All!

I received an email this morning from Jim McHatton, one of the CEN Tempe Chapter Leaders  that I found very interesting.

New York Times reports that 5% of our dams could fail.

May 03
Kathy Barkley

2nd Annual H.U.R.T Celebration

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Saturday May 1st, we were blessed to be a part of the 2nd Annual H.U.R.T. Celebration Here the city of Tempe.

Jim Griffin, myself along with Brian and Jane Daily(Tempe Chapter) shared a table with Victim Relief. Brian and Jane Daily represented both groups of course as they are part of C.E.N. 

It was great to see all of the different organizations there supporting the cause for Emergency Preparedness! 

Guest speakers were, Jon McHatton, Mayor Hugh Hallman, Fire Chief Mark Simmons of Tempe, and Police Chief Tom Ryff of Tempe. 

We were able to promote CEN and it's cause which was exciting! We were also able to promote the F.I.R.M! We got very good feedback on it, and were able to sell some.

We thank God for His blessings!