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"Let them grow together..."  These words of Jesus in the parable of the “Wheat and Weeds” contain principles that, if followed, will bring unity in the church and transformation in our communities.  


The opportunity is that the Wheat and the Weeds are growing together and the "workers in the field" were very concerned in Matthew 13.   However, if they isolate one they could end up damaging or even destroying both.

The kingdom solution was, “let them grow together…” 

So, how does that apply to division in the church and separation from the community?  In order to explain, let me bring in another favorite lifestyle verse found in Matthew 7:1.  "Don't judge, lest ye be judged."  KJV  I particularly like "the Message" perspective,

Feb 23
Jon McHatton

The "Rest" of the Story

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One of the things that I have enjoyed is a good mystery.  Whether in book or video, I enjoy the process of analyzing the facts and then putting them together to see if I am correct in my hypothesis of who "dunnit."  I am known for being quite good and discerning the villain early on in the story.   There are a few protocols to being good at this.

One:  You listen very carefully to what is and is not being said. 

Two:  You watch or look for a hidden story line within the story.

Feb 11
Jon McHatton

I'd Like to Buy a Vowel Please

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Yesterday we went through an emergency exercise drill dealing with a nuclear incident.  The exercise was a precursor to a State wide exercise scheduled in March.  As part of the event, I activated 5 counties in Arizona through mass texts and emails.  When our website conveniently decided to go "offline" we made it a part of our exercise and used our alternate methods.

Dealing with texts requires the user to communicate in short sentences using acronyms to relay updates and personnel and agencies involved such as; "SEOC activated PVNGP at 1550hrs."  Because our Chapters are emerging and some our very new to NIMS (National Incident Management System) and ICS (Incident Command System), I received replies that said, "please speak English" and "Do I need to learn Hebrew to understand?"   The one that brought a smile to my face was, "I would like to buy a vowel please!"  The individual followed up their text with an email stating that they now understand the purpose of the CEN Chapter Training.  We must speak the same language in order to respond effectively in emergencies.

This not only applies to NIMS but also JESUS!  Christians need to be able to speak the same message of faith, hope and love, focusing on the learned principles of biblical readiness as Ready Christians.  Want to learn more?  Sign up today at and start the Ready Christian Learning Track.  You will be glad you did.

Feb 03
Jon McHatton

The Power of Resiliency

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 RESILIENCY is one of the four benchmarks of CEN.  My definition of this word is simply "having the strength to finish or complete a task, mission or vision!"  As Christians we derive our resiliency through uniting with one another.  This is never more true in emergencies. 

This week I experienced this through the Christian Leaders in Indianapolis.  Even though the Ice and Snow had come and still coming, they came together through tele' and video conferencing to communicate and, just as important, test their technical applications.  Some worked well and some did not, but information was shared, prayer was offered and a lot of laughter with each other refreshed all of us.

Suffice to say, I felt strengthened and encouraged with the exchange of Jesus through His church via Twitter, Phone, SKYPE, Tokbox, CEN Website, etc.  Special thanks to Neil Cox who keeps challenging us to experiment with new communication technology to better our Resiliency.  Together we are stronger!

I have received emails from various ministries who have a raised level of interest in the coming emergencies.  Some of these are from the prophetic and apostolic streams while others are from evangelical leaders.  The wonderful thing is that everyone is saying the same message..."get prepared!"

This reminds me of when Jesus was forming his Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on the Mount of Olives with the words, "Watch and Pray!"  Unfortunately the disciples were not trained in proper emergency activation protocols and simply prayed themselves to sleep.   I am sure that their strong spirit was ready to pray but their weak flesh was not able to watch.

Leaders like Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Ras Robinson and Mary Marr have been and are calling Christians to pray for our "teetering economy and corrupt society."  The CEN Chapters echo this challenge but also work further to engage local Christian Communities in strengthening what is always the weakest part, our Emotional, Mental and Physical preparedness.