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In working on an article I was thinking of how many of our officers or members may use their skills, training and experiences to help make their church, synagogue or ministry a safer and more secure place for staff, members, visitors or guests, and themselves and their friends and family. I hope you might help me get some views of activity on this.

If you are actively involved I hope you will tell me a bit about what you do, how you may use your training and/or experiences and , if not involved, share more on that also.

Some of the questions I have are: Does your site have a written Plan for safety security? Is it printed and available in class rooms, halls or other places occupied at times?

I believe that God calls us to be Good Shepherds and Good Stewards to the flock that He guides and provides and the facilities, members and guests that He calls to us there. I would hope that the church is a place of safety and security by being aware of the need to be ready and ready as His Word proclaims, for we don’t know the day or hour of His return.

Sadly we live in a world of hate, terror & evil acts against His church. Only by being aware of the risk and dangers and having a Plan and Teams to carry-out the Plan can we really be ready for the task of protecting His flock and the assets He has provided for us to use to serve Him and His people.

It is too late if the attack comes before we are ready and able to have a defense.

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Safety Security and the Church

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Church Safety and Security seems to mean different things to different folks, especially to the pastors and administrators I seem to have come in contact with lately, a bit surprising for me.

We who call and identify ourselves as Christians should all have  a general feeling, based on the Bible and i'ts teachings, to trust in our Lord & to let God lead us in our efforts to serve Him/His.  This said, I am surprised in talking with some regarding their church or ministry Safety and Security, to hear the response "Oh, we are trusting in God to protect us", not what I seem to understand entirely.  Surely, we should and do trust Him, but I believe His word also calls on and tells us to do our part and to be a Good Steward to and for what He provides to/for us.

The pastor is the Shepherd to their flock, and as the Bible explains, the shepherd was there to comfort, guide and provide for their flock, and that includes having a plan and being prepared.  There were & are many risks for a flock & the sheep were at times helpless without a shepherd to provide the protection from those things that would harm, hurt, kill or injure them.