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Bob Vernon
Pointman Leadership Institute
Bob Vernon joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in 1954. He studied police science at California State University at Los Angeles and continued his education by receiving an MBA from Pepperdine University. Bob went on to get an advanced degree at Northwestern University and is a graduate of the FBI’s National Executive Institute. Bob’s 38-year-career with the LAPD included assignments in virtually every facet of police work. He progressed through the ranks culminating in being named assistant chief of police (3 star officer) with 10,000 personnel under his command.
Bob founded Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI) in 1995. PLI serves the top leadership in over 35 countries worldwide and a host of government and private companies in the United States. PLI now has offices in South America and Africa as well as the United Kingdom. PLI presents biblically based leadership principles and shares the Gospel with associates and clients.
Bob has been married to his wife, Esther Reimer, since 1954. They have two children and nine grandchildren.

Dan Dumas
Dan Dumas, senior vice president for institutional administration at Southern Seminary, was born in 1965, in Augusta, Maine. Dan earned his bachelor of arts from The Criswell College in Dallas, and later pursued a master of divinity from The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, Calif.Dan joined the Southern Seminary administration as senior vice president of institutional administration in October 2007. Dan brought with him a considerable track record of gifted leadership and God-honoring service in local church ministry.

Apr 20
Brian Gallagher

The Shepherd is Vigilant

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"In 1 Peter 5:2, the spiritual leader is exhorted to “exercise oversight.” While we rightly see this text as primarily about spiritual oversight, we must also acknowledge that physical oversight is not outside of the spiritual leader’s responsibility. In fact, spiritual leaders must provide a safe environment for worship so that the purpose of the Lord’s church will not be hindered.

In today’s world, the Church has experienced increasing physical opposition and hostility. These challenges are forcing Christian leaders to consider how to react in a biblical manner—fully embracing God’s sovereignty while simultaneously acknowledging and fulfilling their responsibilities as overseers. Because the local church must be faithful to meet together (Heb. 10:25), we must consider the wisdom of proper safety and security measures when assembling in today’s reality.

The Vigilance Conference will equip pastors, leaders, administrators, as well as safety and security staff to think biblically about their role as shepherds and providing for the physical security of their flock.

Southern Seminary invites you to join the top names in safety and security to address crucial topics such as executive protection, risk management, and security systems.

Join us in the faithful pursuit of pastoral Vigilance in today’s world…"