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Apr 04
Rev Robert A. Crutchfield

The First Responders Prayer

Posted by: Rev Robert A. Crutchfield

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I first wrote this prayer 4 years ago. Since then it has given comfort to countless firefighters, law enforcement officers and other first responders. Best selling author Loree Lough even included it in her novels FROM ASHES TO HONOR and HONOR REDEEMED. It will also be part of the third novel in her FIRST RESPONDERS SERIES.


I hope it will also bless many here.


The First Responders Prayer

By Rev. Robert A. Crutchfield

Father in Heaven,
Please make me strong when others are weak,
brave when others are afraid
and vigilant when others are distracted by the chaos.
Provide comfort and companionship to my family when I must be away.
Serve beside me and protect me, as I seek to protect others.

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Thank you. Lovely poem and so nicely done.
by Stacie on Wed, 31 Oct 2012 - 01:43