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Feb 11
Misti McHatton

"Aware - Ready - There" is hitting home!

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Lately God has been speaking to me and challenging me in what I ask of Him and what I expect from Him. I don't know how else to share this except through some examples...

Last week I went to three conferences (why they all happened the same week, I don't know!). At one of the conferences the guest speaker was talking about the "Great Commission" as we know it. The part that says, "Therefore go..." literally translates to "As you go..." He then proceeded to tell us to get our "as" in gear! Basically, a challenge to allow God to use us in our everyday lives "as" we go about our day. So, I've been praying and asking God to make me aware of people that are brought in my path that He wants me to minister to.

It has been challenging!

One day this week, I sat in my car and watched a young female lady who was trying to bum a ride or some money from the cars. Did I offer to help? Nope. I just sat there trying to figure out how I could help when the answer was staring back at me! Not one of my proudest moments, but teachable. 

Today, as I was doing some research for one of my jobs, I came across some web sites that are designed to help people contemplating suicide. Having had some personal experience in this area, I felt led to share part of my story and encourage one of the girls on the site. She is 13. A few hours later, she emailed me back and I responded with love and encouragement. A couple hours later another girl emails me asking for help. She didn't give any details...I had no idea what to say, but I prayed and responded with what came to mind.

A large part of CEN is preparing ourselves as Christians to be aware - ready - there. I always thought about this in light of "disasters" and being ready to share our faith. But I'm realizing it is more than that. Are we ready to reach people in their moments of vulnerability? Are we aware of the dangers and hurts that go on in the lives of the people around us? Are we there when people ask us for help...even if we don't know what to say or have a pile of other things to do?

So, my challenge to you is the same as the one that has been issued to ready and prepared through submitting your life to the leading of God to respond as He desires you to.

Be aware of the situations that are going on around you...people are desperate to be heard. Be there when God stirs on your heart to reach out and help someone.

It isn't always easy, or fun, or comfortable, or popular. But it IS what Jesus did and what He expects of us.

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